King of the Sea 16

Grilled octopus in garlic lemon sauce

Calypso 14

Grilled calamari in garlic lemon sauce

Meat Puffs of Heaven 10

Samsa - 2 baked puff pastries filled with beef and traditional spices, please allow 20-min prep

Cheese Puffs of Heaven 8

Hachapuri - 2 baked puff pastries filled with cheese, please allow 20-min prep

Chicken Wings 12

8 oven-roasted chicken wings served with rosemary and caramelized onion

Itty Bitty Fried & Pretty 10

Chebureki - 6 mini puff pastries filled with beef and traditional spices and fried


                    SHARE PLATES

Carnivores Delight 19

Meat Platter with basturma, beef tongue, and European beef salami

Neptune’s Treasure* 19

Fish platter of cured salmon and smoked sturgeon made start to finish with traditional methods from the highest quality fish

Poppin’ Popcorn Shrimp 21

Our deluxe twist on a classic

Charcuterie & Cheese Board 20/30/40

Delectable combination of cured meats and cheeses available for 2, 4, or 6 people

BBQ of Bones* 35

Trio of grilled lamb chops, roasted chicken wings, and slow-cooked beef ribs served with wild mushrooms



Athena Salad 12

Classic Greek salad

Deluxe Salad 13

With crabsticks, seaweed, and cucumber

Asti Salad 15

Mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts, green olives, sweet peppers, kelp, basil, cabbage, onion, lime seasoning, and organic olive oil

Charcoal Caesar Salad 12

With black croutons

Apple Stilton Salad 14

Mixed greens, walnuts, cheese and raspberry dressing


Risotto Lombardy 16

Risotto with shrimp, green peas and spices

Sakabatō Tuna* 26

Tuna in Japanese spices served under seaweed

Branzino Mediterranean Dream 22

Branzino fish grilled and served with lemon oil, capers, and a buttery tomato and fresh garden greens sauce

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank 22

With Mediterranean spices and mint served with a veggie spiced rice

Pomegranate  Braised Beef 21

Served with mashed potatoes

Coco Champagne Chicken 21

Roasted natural half chicken prepared with creamy sauce and pearl onions, served with sautéed potatoes

Rendezvous Duck Confit 23

Served with buckwheat

Hinkali 20

5 Georgian soup dumplings

King Crab Pasta by Melisa Heider-Latin 31

With real king crab meat


Ribeye Steak* 24

Grilled Rack of Lamb Chops* 26

With potatoes Au gratin and seasonal vegetables with mint demi-glaze


Pan-Seared Pork Chops* 22

With mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables    


                        Served with home fries


Organic Deluxe Burger* 18

With grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Deluxe secret sauce served on a squid ink bun

Organic Velvet Burger* 18

With lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, cranberry sauce served on a burgundy beet bun





Poached Asparagus with Lemon Oil 9

Roasted Mushrooms 11

Roasted Truffle Potatoes 10

Cilantro Rice 6

Buckwheat 9

Trio Veggies 14

Glazed carrots, poached asparagus, roasted potatoes

Mac and Cheese 8

Lemon Potatoes 7

                 KIDS MENU



Mac & Cheese 5


Rainbow Macaroni in Marinara Sauce 5


Chicken Bites 5


French Fries 4     


Deluxe burger 9





            DESERTS & DRINKS




Napoleon  9


Baklava     7


Buzzz’n Honey Cake 7


Chef Surprise 20


Baked Bree 15

Cheese baked in light and crispy dough with orange and apricot marmalade






*This item may be served raw or undercooked Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness